Pronunciation Bingo

Here is a fun activity that requires fairly easy materials to create.

It was inspired by a friend of mine called Sara.

What you need:

  1. A bingo card per student
  2. A list of words/phonemes you want to focus on
  3. Little chips

How to make it:

I think it looks really cool and it is easy to make. You need 1 sheet of paper per bingo card. I like coloured paper but you can always do it with white paper and write in colour.


Fold the top twice. You can write whatever you want there. I chose to keep it simple and write BINGO

Now outline the big square and divide it in equal boxes.

I made a big list of words that I wanted to teach my students. You need more words than there are boxes on each bingo card. Then I randomly chose words and wrote one in each box.

Cut up you list of words/phonemes into individual papers and put them in a little box. The game is ready!

How to play:

Pair your students up. Pull a paper out of the little box and speak the word. The students listen to the pronunciation of the words and then speak it. In their pairs, the students must now search for this word on their bingo card and place a chip on it if they have it.

Repeat the process until a pair of students has completed their card.


Once the students and more familiar with pronunciation of the word, the students could take turn reading the papers instead or work alone instead of pairs.

Variation of the game:

Try the same activity focusing on vocabulary this time. You need a short and very clear definition of all the words you want to teach though. Cut up the definitions and put them in the little box.

Now when the teacher reads a definition, the students have to look for the word and put a chip on it. Make sure you keep track of the definitions you have read (facilitates the correction).

Activity Extension:

You could do this extension in class or assign it as homework.

Tell your students to write a funny little story using ALL the words on their BINGO card. Have them present it to the class and vote for the best/funniest/most interesting story.

Hope you enjoy it…and your students too!


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