Idiom in A


“Agree to disagree”

What it means:

Imagine that your friend thinks Sylvester Stallone is the best action movie actor but you think Arnold Schwarzenegger is, by far, better. There is no way that either of you is going to change his mind. So you just decide to leave it as it is, and stop trying to change the other person’s mind.

When to use it:

This is an idiom that I teach my Cambridge Exam preparation classes, and more specifically PET and FCE. In Speaking part 3 of the PET and speaking part 2 of the FCE exams, the students have to discuss provided options and somehow come to an agreement.

But it’s OK if your opinion doesn’t “win” over the other candidate’s. What maters is that you show that you can express your opinion and interact with the other candidate about it.

An Example:

A) I think the flowers are the best present for my mother because (…). What do you think?

B) I absolutely disagree with you! I believe the purse is far more (…).

A) Ok, let’s agree to disagree.

It’s always good to add a little idiom during a speaking exam and it sounds so much nicer than without!



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