Cambridge PET Speaking Activity

In the Cambridge PET exam, students have to describe and compare pictures in speaking part 3. In Spain, a lot of children start preparing that exam at a very young age and it can be quite boring for them to describe picture they don’t really care about.

I have created a find the 7 differences document to get them started on comparing pictures. I chose the focus this one on things you should find in a classroom, vocabulary that I now expect my students to learn.

What you need:

  1. Pictures with seven differences
  2. Students!

How to make it:

You can find tones of those documents online online or simple just paint to create whatever you like.

I made 2 to show you some examples. Here is the one I made with teaching children in mind.

PET speaking part 3 School

And that’s a picture I created to teach adults about scientific vocabulary.

FCE Speaking Part 2 Science

How to play:

This activity can be done in pairs or individually. Give your students a set of materials and have them look for the differences. I suggest you plastify the documents that way your students can circle them with whiteboard marker and you don’t have to reprint the documents every time.

If your students are in pairs have them compare the differences to each other. Ex: On the left the gold fish is orange but/though/however it is yellow on the right.

If your students work alone, have them write the sentences down, circulate and correct what they have on their notebooks. Later on, if they do not remember how to do it, just tell them to look back in their notebook and find those sentences.


The second set of 7 differences pictures I created is focused on scientific vocabulary. You can use this type of activity  to reinforce vocabulary taught in class.

Hope you enjoy it…and your students too!


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