Funtastic Phrasals!

Phrasal verbs are a pain in the butt! Nobody likes teaching nor learning them.

I was training a group of students on how to teach exam preparation and randomly picked the dreaded grammatical point…phrasal verbs. I had to show them an example of how to teach phrasal verbs in a fun way using hand made materials.

This is what I cam up with…


What you need:

  1. Cardboard (Lasts way longer than paper)
  2. A marker
  3. Scissors

How to make it:

I cut 10 cardboard pieces of 4×10 cm because I wanted to teach my students 10 phrasal verbs. You need 1 more piece of cardboard than you have phrasal verb. Draw a line in the middle, like a domino.

You need to put the phrasal verb in a sentence. Ex: They switched off the light.

Now “cut” the sentences in in middle of the phrasal verb. Ex They switched-off the light.

On the right section of the piece, write the first half of the sentence . Write the rest of the sentence on the right side of the second paper. Just repeat the process with the other sentences and that’s it.

I drew a little drawing on the 2 empty sides at the very beginning and very end, but this is completely optional.

How to play:

The goal is simple…recreate the sentences.

If you have created 1 set of “dominoes” for 2 students, then pair them up and have them to it on their table.

If you have only created on set for the class, the logistic is sightly more challenging but quite a lot more fun. Have everybody come up to the board and give each student one of the “dominoes”. Tell them to talk to each other and find the correct 2 persons to complete the sentences on the right and on the left of their “dominoes”.

You could even through in the mix some papers with the meaning of the phrasal verb to match.

Activity extension:

Once your students feel more comfortable using the phrasal verbs that you taught them try this extension.

Write on the board the phrasal verbs you put on the dominoes. Ex: take off.

As the teacher you start. Think of a sentence containing that phrasal verb, but only say until the first part of the verb. Ex. The teacher took-

The student on the left has to finish the sentence using one of the phrasal verbs from the board (take of in the example). Ex: The teacher took-off his jacket.

And another student starts a new sentence and so on.

I hope you enjoy it…and your students too!


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