Find the Thief

In the academy where I work, TEFL International Seville, we do  lot of conversation classes. One day, I ended up having a last minute conversation class and had no time to prepare materials for it. So here is what I came up with.

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What you need:

A minimum of 6 students. That’s it!

How to play:

Put your students in pairs. Give them a situation. Here is mine:

“A crime was committed yesterday, here at TEFL. Tomorrow’s exam was stolen…and we know it’s one of you! This outrageous crime was committed between 8 and 11 PM. We also know that you were together (I show the students in each pair that they were together). You now have 5 minutes to discuss your alibi. After, we will proceed to interrogations.”

After 5 minutes (give your students more time if you judge it necessary), I ask for a team to volunteer first. Ask one of the 2 to sit on a chair in front of the students and the other to stand outside of the classroom for 2 minutes. The person on the “hot seat” will have to answer any question the rest of the students might have about the alibi. I suggest you make it a rule that every student has to ask a question to the person on the “hot seat”. Then tell the student out side to swap paces with his partner. Question him too. That’s when the alibi usually stop matching.

Once the pair this pair is done, repeat everything with the next pair. When everybody has been on the hot seat, start a vote. I have students explain their choice that way it is even more communicative.

Adults really like this activity because it is very communicative, there is a lot of debating but it is fun. It’s also very flexible and can be played at basic and advanced levels (playing with the time, the number and type of questions asked…).

Hope you enjoy it…and your students too!


One thought on “Find the Thief

  1. shreif ahmed says:

    Hey, Marine
    I love this kind of investgation games. We made an activity like this when we were at the English course. We made up a crime plot. Shooted small situations and intrrogated each others. It was really fun and useful game.


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