Crazy English 1

Crazy English 1 is the first one of a series of little funny stories and experiences about teaching and learning English.

This first story is mine. Here are also some pictures of my year in an American high school to illustrate it.

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If you read the About section of the blog you already know that I am French/Spanish but also studied in the USA. I signed up for another year of high school after I graduated in France. I know what you are thinking….YES! I went to homecoming and prom, I played powder puff football (fell on my face right in front of everybody though…), participated in the drama club (best club ever) and I had my little locker to myself (we don’t have that in France).

I was 17 when I went there and my English was nowhere near what it is now. Let me tell you about the most embarrassing English “mistake” I made.

The first thing you need to know is that in France they teach you British English, not American English.

The second thing you need to know is that in the USA exams are little multiple choice tests that you fill out in pencil (in France they want you to use real ink all the time).

Now picture this. I was in my language art class. I was seated at the back of the class room and I had mostly guys around me (pure coincidence to be honest). That day we were going to take the first test of the year, when I suddenly realised that I didn’t have an eraser…So what do I do? I start asking the guys around me.

But to my surprise they all looked back at me with the biggest expression of surprise. I think it is safe to say that some even looked shocked at the time. Others kind of looked through their bags but everything was a little awkward.

Here is what had happened…Like I said in France we learn British English. What’s an eraser in British English? A rubber. You see where I am going now right?

Well what I didn’t know was that in the US, a rubber is a condom. So yes, I was actually asking all the guys around me in the class to give me a condom.

Advice of the day: Don’t mix up your British and your American English!


5 thoughts on “Crazy English 1

  1. César Peña says:

    Omg! Why didn’t you post the pictures before our last English class?? So much to talk about!! And yes, I bet you blushed like never before with that mistake. Good one!

    Liked by 1 person

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