Gotta Learn them All…Pokémon!


I was walking to work the other day, when I saw a group of Spanish people walking with their phone in front of them and their heads down. We all know what that means now…They were playing Pokémon!

I stayed behind that group for a bit (no…I am not a stalker) and heard bits and bobs of the conversations they were having. They were talking Spanglish. which is somehow understandable when you know that the Spanish version of the game is full of English words (gym, pokéstop, …).

And then I thought: “Why Spanglish? Let’s go full English!”. So I have come up with the 8 most useful words/expressions for when playing pokémon.

  1. To throw – This is what you do with the pokéball. It goes from your hand to the pokémon through the air (just like in baseball).
  2. To give up – This means to stop doing something after you have tried “hard”. For example, a super rare pokémon appears on your radar. You run and run and walk and circle the entire area. It is still on the radar…nobody has caught it yet but you have been looking for hours now and you are very tired, frustrated and thirsty. You then decide to go home. You give up on that pokémon.
  3. To catch/to capture – Both verbs have a similar meaning but capture is more formal while catch is more colloquial. To catch/capture a pokémon means to make it yours. When you throw the pokéball and the pokémon stays inside…you captured/caught (irregular verb of course…) it.
  4. To train – That’s basically what you do when you go to the gym (pokémon and real life).
  5. To revive – So you went to the gym for pokémons and red team has kicked your arse. Your favourite Pokémon is completely out (he has 0 hit points). In order to use this pokemon again, you need to revive it by giving a “revive stone”. You will bring him back to life with that.
  6. Back off, it’s mine – Use this expression if you REALLY want a pokémon you like because you could offend or make someone else angry by using it. It basically means “go away it’s mine”.
  7. Don’t you dare touch that pokémon – This has a similar meaning to back off it’s mine but has a little warning in it as well. I don’t know what will happen but something WILL happen if you touch it.
  8. To evolve – That’s what your pokémon does when he goes from squirtle to wartortle. It transform into something more advanced.

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