Paper Fortune Tellers – Speaking Activity


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Do you remember those AWESOME paper fortune tellers that you used to play with in class instead of paying attention to what the teacher had to say?! Well you can definitely use them in your classroom (I even use them with adults, they love them!)

It is a super easy to make activity that can be used for regular speaking activities, exam preparation or even to check that your student know the format of their exam (which is extremely important!).

Here is a simple and easy to understand video I found on YouTube. It shows you how to make it and how to “move” it.

How to make a Paper Fortune Teller

Now you can create many different versions of that game. I created one to practice the speaking part 1 in the Cambridge exam for PET (b1) and FCE (b2).


Here is one that I created to practice the conversation phase in the trinity ISE II (b2)  exam.


This one was designed to check that my students had all the parts of the FCE exam memorised. It just has a bunch of questions about the papers of the exam, the length of some tasks or even the number of tasks per paper.


And this is a general conversation example. I also have some topic based ones that I use in little workshops and have my students move from one little workshop to the other.


And here are 2 ways you can “store” your materials.

13962649_10153554386357396_1132279772170541922_n (1)

Let me know how this activity went in you class!

That’s it for today guys…Keep on learning! Xoxo

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