Idiom in G – Go Nuts


What it means:

This idiom can be interpreted in 2 different ways. The most common use of this idiom is the same as to go crazy, which means to become crazy, disoriented, frustrated, annoyed…

The other meaning of this idiom is that of getting excited over something. If I say that I go nuts for chocolate, it means that I cannot resist chocolate…I REALLY like it.

When to use it:

No limitations for the second meaning. You could go nuts for kittens, new fashion, films, AC-DC, apples, milkshake flavours…Anything basically.

There are a few other little variations for the first meaning such as to be nuts or to look nuts. Use it anytime you see someone who looks scary or maybe extremely angry.

Other interesting idioms in G:

To go Dutch – To split the bill in half.

To get away with murder – To do something bad but not be punished for it.




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