Original things to do in Seville

If like me, you are an expat that has been living in Seville for a bit, you have done all of the touristy-typical things to do in Seville. The Cathedral, the Jardines de Murillo, the Real Alcázar, parque Maria Luisa or Plaza de España are things you must visit or see if you live in Seville.

Which I did. But then, whenever you look for new ideas of things to do in Seville, it’s always the same that is suggested.

So I have come up with a little list of nice/fun/cheap/expensive/romantic/original things to do in Seville. Oh, and by the way. Nothing in this post is sponsored, I just loved those activities so much that I decided to share them with you.

1 – Cubiqum – Do you know escape games? There is a place in Seville (very close to Nervion Plaza) that has 2 escape games waiting for you! I tried it last  weekend and it was really fun. Basically you accept to be locked inside a room for exactly 1 hour. The goal is to escape and accomplish your mission at the same time. You have to act like a true detective, follow clues and rely on team work. This really is a fun activity to do with friends but also family as kids as young as 9 can participate. It is not scary and everything is designed to require only brain power (vs physical). It’s 50 euros for the hour but it’s worth it!


2 – Regina – This cookie place on calle Regina near the Setas is definitely somewhere you need to go if you haven’t been there yet. The shop assistant is nice and foreigner friendly but even more, the cookies are to die for. And even more is they are right out of the oven.

3 – Aire Sevilla – Arab baths…sounds relaxing right? Well it is. It’s situated in a little street near the cathedral. They have many treatments you can book with the regular baths circuit. You can enjoy different bath temperatures, Jacuzzi and salty water while appreciating the atypical interior of the place. It is VERY clean (they provide showers, little slippers, bath robes and hairdryers!). It’s also mixed so you can go with a group of friends, you partner or even your parents when they are visiting (did that). I strongly recommend the 30 minute massage as it comes with an additional bath stop on the rooftop of the building with amazing view of the Giralda.

4 – La Torre de los Perdigones – A little bit of culture is nice too…even more when it is cheap. This is situated in Macarena, not too far from the river. It used to be a pellet factory but it is now a darkroom. It is 4 euros and you get to see the city in a way you never have before. The dark room mechanism (which is manual by the way) is explained to you before the guide takes you on a “virtual” tour of the city. And there is a bar at the bottom of the tower in case you need to wait 30 minutes for the next session.

5 – Moon Korean Restaurant – That’s quite yummy! We usually think of Chinese or Japanese restaurants but Korean should definitely be an option to consider. Moon is situated in Avenida Mendez Pelayo, near the Jardines de Muriño. First, the food was just great. Second the staff were very nice and helpful when it came to explaining how to eat certain dishes. And finally the price is absolutely decent.

6 – ARCA Sevilla – Let’s give back to the world through puppy love! This is an animal rescue centre that welcomes volunteers everyday. A lot of the work consists of playing with puppies and kittens. They also need host families for short periods of time, while the animals wait to be sent to their final family (usually in Germany). You can just say how long you can host the little fur ball and host it for that period of time. It’s win-win right? You get puppy love and it gets human love, food and shelter.

7 – No Veas – That was great. It’s a restaurant where you eat in total darkness. You cannot see a thing and therefore have to guess what you are eating and drinking. The waiters and the chefs are blind so they really know how to guide you and give nice little tips to manoevre in the dark. The staff are also very foreigner friendly. There are 3 different menu options ranging from 35 to 75 euros, depending on how adventurous you are. It is indeed a little pricey but the experience really is unique and fun. I won’t tell you anymore than that because the fun part is to discover it yourself.


8 – Tiger – Not as thrilling as the other suggestions, Tiger is still a great shop to have a look at when you are bored. I know of 2 shops, one in calle San Eloy in the centre and one in Nervion Plaza. You can find everything and anything in there. I found many little presents to fill my Christmas stockings and materials to use in class at Tiger. And also…it’s super cheap!

9 – Re-read library – Situated on calle Amor de Dios, that library sells second hand books for peanuts. You can find books in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian as well as a few other languages. The Re-read library is a nice place to kill time.

10 – “The cheese place” (is what I call it) – Unfortunately I do not remember what it is called but it is situated on Calle Arrayan. It’s a fairly small shop that sells French cheese as well as a nice selection of other French specialties. You can either buy the cheese to take it home or accompany your cheese with a nice glass of French wine while sitting in one of the booths. And the staff are really nice despite (I am French so I am allowed to say it!) being French!


I have tried all of those activities except from the animal rescue centre which was mentioned to me by a friend of mine.

Tell me which of those 10 ideas you have tried and which ones you preferred!

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