5 Great ESL Activities for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner so I thought I would share these activities with you. They require no, or close to no preparation and are all really fun.


I took this photo 7 years ago  when I was studying in the US. I love the matching costumes!

I. Halloween “Would you rather”:

Ask your students to debate the following questions. Would you rather:

-ghost or zombies existed?

-be blind or deaf?

-be locked in a room full of cockroaches or spiders?

-turn into a wolf every full moon or have lunch with Donald Trump every Sunday?

-have green skin or horns?

-listen to ‘let it go’ from frozen or ‘crazy frog’ non stop for an hour everyday.

II. Creepy Story:

Give each of your students 3 pieces of paper. Tell them to write one random object on each paper and then collect them. Pair your students up and have them pick 4 papers per team. They must now create a little scary story that includes the 4 words that they picked.

Each team presents their stories and the rest of the students have to guess what the 4 papers were. Whichever pair guesses the most wins candy!

III. Memorise the Items:

This activity requires props. Display as many objects that reminds you of Halloween on a table. Gather your students around that table. Go over the name of all those objects on the table and tell them to memorise what is on it. Tell them to close their eyes for a moment and remove some of the items. Have the students work in pairs and try to figure out which are the missing items.

To make it easier, do not remove any item, just let them recreate the full list of items.

IV. Class Costume Challenge:

Have everybody write on a paper what they would love to dress up as for Halloween. Then divide the class in three or four groups. Tell each group to discuss what they think their classmates chose. Have each group say their guess and explain why. Each student will then reveal what it was. If a team guesses correctly, they get candy!

V. Costume Ranking:

This activity requires a few photos of good and bad Halloween costumes. Here are some that I found online but feel free to add your own or have your students bring their own.

Tell your students to rank them in order or by preference/weirdness/originality and make sure each student explains what he likes, or doesn’t, about the pictures.

That’s it for today guys…Keep on learning! Xoxo

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