Who am I?

My name is Marine and I am an ESL teacher living in Seville. I have been living there for 2 years now but have always known the city as part of my family lives there. I was born and raised in France by a French father and a Spanish mother.

After graduating from high school in France, I decided to sign up for another year in an American high school in Englewood, Ohio. That confirmed my love for languages and decided to to focus my university degree on English and Spanish. I finished my last year as an Erasmus student in the United Kingdom and discovered new nuances to the English language.

Then it became obvious. I had to teach English. So I went to Spain because I had heard of a TEFL training centre and became certified. The centre hired me and I taught all sorts of things like business, Skype classes, different exam preparation classes and also the TEFL program itself during two years

My co-workers and I worked really hard every week on developing new activities and materials to make coming to class something to look forward to, rather than sigh about. And through my few years of experience I have of course been happy to find a multitude of tips and ideas online.

So I thought it was time I returned the favour and created this blog. In My Little English Page teachers will find activity ideas, tips, materials and the best and the worst teaching stories of my fellow teachers as well as mine. Students will also find tips but also lessons, worksheets with answers and ways of improving their English from home.