Idiom in Z | Zip it


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Hello dear students and welcome back!

Today is the last day of our Alphabet idiom series. Make sure you check the previous idiom Idiom in Y – Yellow Press (and the 25 other posts).

So today we cover just a few idioms that start with the letter Z. There aren’t many in English but they are quite cool and useful. Are you ready for a new vocabulary lesson? Let’s go!

What it means:

It means to be quiet, silent. It is colloquial and could be rude in certain situations.

When to use it:

As I mentioned before, this expression is colloquial so I would not recommend using it with someone of authority. You could perhaps use it with a good friend or a family member.

It is often used as an order and the longer version is “Zip your lip”.

Example: Martha is complaining about eating spinach for dinner? Well tell her to zip and  eat whatever I’ve made, otherwise she can make dinner for the family herself.

 Other interesting idioms:

zenith of your career/life – the highest point of a person’s career or life.

zoom away | zoom off – to be in a hurry, to drive away fast, to be leaving a place in a rush.

I’d love to start a new series for the blog soon, have you got any requests or suggestions?



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